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YELLOW FUTURE CITY is a portfolio website showcasing the work of Yuval Fogelson. It covers early works of hand drawn maps of imaginary cities from teenage years, progressing to photography and graphic works of urban-scapes from cities around the globe. Later work as an urban designer and masterplanner is included, as well as urban interventions and placemaking initiatives. In recent years Yuval has been focusing on researching public space transformations worldwide.


The name Yellow Future Cityreflects Yuval's ongoing love for the colour yellow, a fascination with exploring cities and researching a global urban future. (As well as bearing the artists initials)

Please browse the on-line PORTFOLIO and view the LIFE MAP CV  below.

Contact Yuval on LinkedIn or e-mail for more information or collaboration.

* Yellow Future City has NO relationship to the similarly titled book 

Yuval Fogelson - Aurea Criativa
Yuval Fogelson - Before After Project


life map CV

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