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Yuval Fogelson at Urb-i - Urban Ideas


The Before-After project by Urb-i - Urban Ideas, showcases positive public space transformations world-wide through the use of Google Street-view.


The images produced show a location from the exact same viewpoint at different times, both before and after the transformation has occurred. All chosen images show some kind of improvement to the public space, including everything from increased pedestrian-friendliness and safety features to new infrastructure for bicycles and public transport.

The project started in 2015 with a few before-after images shared on Urb-i's social media pages. The growing collection was then housed to the Urb-i website which created a social media buzz accompanied by a wide array of publications globally. The project continued to expand and reached more than 3000 images in 2017. Yuval lead a team of virtual volunteers which collaborated to create and update the imagery and mapping of the locations.

The project originated from Yuval Fogelson's long-time hobbies of map drawing and research, as well as Street-view and aerial analysis of cities. 

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